W E L L N E S S​


Do you like being outdoors? Do you feel at ease or at peace in nature? Join me for a counseling session outdoors! 

I offer counseling sessions outdoors as an alternative to an office session for those who might feel more at ease surrounded by nature.  Walking or Nature Therapy adds a unique component to the therapeutic process. 

Walking Therapy (walking side by side) is less formal than sitting face to face in an office. Clients feel more relaxed and a little more free to address personal challenges. This experience may prove to be healing and soothing for mind, body, and soul.

Nature Therapy (being surrounded by nature) can provide an inspirational component to the counseling session. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset outdoors during therapy.

If Walking Therapy or Nature of Therapy is something that you feel would be beneficial for you, please contact me for more details. 

Sunrise/Sunset at the Beach

Sunrise/Sunset at the Beach

Beautiful Pond at Hugh MacRae Park

Creativity, self-awareness, emotional awareness and other positive therapy outcomes can heighten during movement. That may have to do with greater blood flow to the brain, the activation or deactivation of specific brain centers, "and probably with some kind of distraction element that allows the mind to become clearer,"

-Kate Hays, PhD Consulting Psychologist of the

Performing Edge in Toronto

Psychologist Arne Dietrich, PhD, of the American University in Beirut proposes a "transient hypofrontality" model suggesting that when we exercise, the brain focuses on what it needs to do for those activities. In the process, it decreases activity in the left hemisphere and opens the way for creative insights in the right.

"Naturally, exercise creates endorphins, those feel-good hormones. So for someone who may be experiencing depression or grief, just being outside can help improve their emotional and mental state. And then adding the therapy on top of that can help them."

-Denice Clark, LMFT

A i r l i e  G a r d e n s

Sunset at the Downtown Riverwalk

Summer Rest Trail near Wrightsville Beach

Basin Trail at Fort Fisher

Wrightsville Beach Loop

Live Oaks at Fort Fisher 

Brunswick Forest

Nature Loop

Abbey Nature Perserve at Poplar Grove Plantation

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